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£29.00Project_Arthur ISS raspberry PI connected 3d model
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Project_Arthur ISS raspberry PI connected 3d model



Construct a 3D paper model of the iconic Arthur satellite dish that notifies you whenever the International Space Station passes overhead!

Apollo 50’s Project Arthur is an open-source 3D papercraft project that allows you to build your own desktop Arthur satellite dish model, complete with LED notifications via a Raspberry Pi Zero W.

The entire body of the satellite dish is built using ten sheets of 160gsm cardstock, printed with the Arthur design that you can download for free from the Project Arthur website. A Raspberry Pi Zero W fits within the base of the model, and you can push a small LED through the feedhorn — the bit that sticks out the front of the dish.

An open source free project for you to make designed by Gin & Tronic. Full feature here

How does it work? – The project uses a conditional web applet that we created on the IFTTT (If This Then That) platform. The applet monitors an API via NASA and Open Notify that we give a specific location on Earth (such as your home/school). It computes whether the ISS is overhead, and in that case sends a tweet to you with a particular hashtag (such as #ISS_overGoonhilly). When this hashtag is picked up by the code running on the Pi, the LED will flash to indicate that the ISS is overhead!

Project_Arthur from Apollo 50 on Vimeo.

About the maker:

Gin & Tronic specialise in producing bespoke pieces of display art that are connected to data either live or archived. All design files are open source and encourage you to learn about how the product was made, the open data behind it including an open knowledge base that you can participate in future development.

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Customisation available

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Tools Used:

  • Laser Cutter
  • Raspberry PI
  • NASA Api


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